Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Nail Art - Valentine's Fancy Fingers

Valentine's might not be for a few weeks, but I fancied loving up my nails in advance, to *try* and get in the spirit of things. So, I thought, what better way to celebrate, than to express the holiday of love through amorous arty nails.

The Tools of The Trade
I used a mix of glitters, pinks and red to illuminate the heart warming illustrations. I started by painting a white undercoat in BarryM's 66 Matt white, on my thumb, middle and little fingers. I popped a coat of China Glaze 1111 Red Satin to my ring finger, and BarryM Ltd edition 24 on my index finger.

After all the base coats were dry, I started on my index finger art. Over the top of the (dry) BarryM nail  paint, I grabbed a cocktail stick, and dipped it in the China Glaze polish. Starting in the bottom corners, I drew a diagonal line, on each side, then filled out each of the outer sides. I then drew the top bow of the heart and filled that out too, leaving a pink heart on a red background. Love. I then dotted round the heart with Model's Own Pink Fizz.

On the three fingers with a white base (which really makes a bright colour 'pop'), I put on a coat of No7 Stay Perfect in ME! ME! ME! 250. After they were all fully dried, I applied dots of Models Own and WAH! nail art pen in white to the middle finger, and dots of the black pen on the other two. I then dotted over the thumb with Models Own in Scarlet Sparkle and the little finger in Pink Fizz.

To finish off this look, I grabbed a trusty cocktail stick, and painted a glittery heart onto my ring finger, using Models Own Magenta Divine. Once this was dry, I dotted round the heart with the black Models Own and WAH! nail art pen, to highlight.

I hope you enjoy, remember, nail love is true love. Happy Valentine's (soon!)

The finished product, with Models Own Pink Fizz and Magenta Divine

Love, and more Love, Lauren xx