Wednesday, January 16, 2013

3 More Inches - Hair Growth Treatment

I have been absolutely dying to try this product for so long, and I recently took the plunge to grab myself some from Feel Unique. It claims to 'naturally rebuild every strand for longer, stronger, younger-looking hair'. Um I would like all of those things please.. right now. Unfortunately it does take a few weeks to notice the difference (as with most miracle products), so i will of course do a follow-up review once I've officially tried and tested it!

The reason I decided to buy this, is because my mum had a disaster at the hairdressers (a layer was cut too short, she was NOT happy..), a few months ago. To speed up the process she bought this with the hopes that it would magically re-grow her poor savaged locks. A few days ago, I was looking at her lovely thicker (and yes longer) hair, and I was absolutely running to buy some to try for myself. Fingers crossed!

In my set from Michael Van Clarke, I got a Shampoo, a Conditioner and the cheeky Pre-wash Treatment, which i shall be leaving in my hair overnight tonight. I feel a change in the winds (and I don't just mean the snow forecast that is upon us). Could this really work, and get my hair out of the 'please just grow damn you' stage?! I shall let you know!

3 more inches shampoo

3 more inches pre-wash treatment

3 more inches conditioner
What're your favourite haircare tricks and tips?

Love Lauren xx


  1. Supposedly vitamin e capsules are great for hair growth too! Lovely site Lauren! X

  2. Thank you so much darling! Yes I have heard that too, definitely worth a try :)

  3. Oh my goodness, dying for an update on this. I'd never even heard of it until now!

  4. hey hetty! Im definitely going to do one after a few more weeks, but i can exclusively say at this point that growth aside, the whole 3 step treatment is really really amazing for hair condition!! xx

  5. Please write an update in a month to let us know how these products turned out!

    1. I'm definitely planning an update, don't worry :)! I thought i'd give it a decent amount of time to work its magic, but I my mum actually said my hair looked a bit longer today, and I don't know if it's more wishful thinking, but it does feel a bit longer already?..

      But I'll definitely do an official update in a few weeks, thanks for reading!!

      Lauren xx

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