Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Frizzy to Beachy - The True Story of One Girl's Curls

The Girl - Jess

This is my gorgeous sister Jess. Unlike me, she has naturally wavy/ curly hair and for years and years, she straightened it every time she washed it. Sound familiar? As much as straight hair did look lovely on her, the condition wasn't how she wanted it, and honestly... it was just a LOT of effort.

I know a big problem with curly or wavy hair, is the big F word. Frizz that is... So, Jess was in a dilemma, did she straighten her hair? or leave it naturally in its wavy glory?... despite the threat of a frizz attack.

Well, she invested in some products, and her hair is now daily, the gorgeous beachy mane many of us can only dream of having, even after tongs and salt spray. This picture was taken post shower and dried naturally. Ab-so-lutely stunning, (yes, I am obscenely jealous!)

So, lets get down to the products...

The Products
As you can see my beloved Moroccanoil features heavily here, we are admittedly a family of Moroccanoil junkies, out and proud. As well as this she uses a Kerastase Nutritive Nutri-Thermique Masque, a couple of times a week in the shower, after shampoo and conditioner (which change a fair bit). If it isn't the Kerastase Masque, she will use one of the Moroccanoil magic masks, which I reviewed here. All of theses really nourish, hydrate and leave your hair in soft lustrous condition, but is this all it takes to fight frizz entirely? Um... no. Nearly, but no.

Magic Potions - Moroccanoil 

Probably the most important part of Jess' hair transformation, came with the products she uses after the shower. Obviously she uses the Moroccanoil Treatment Oil (around 2 pumps for thick/curly hair), which really helps all hair types a treat, but it was the Curl Defining Cream by Moroccanoil which she says makes the most difference. She actually said, and I quote 'if I don't use the Curl Defining Cream, then my hair is way more frizzy', so there you have it, actual results, on an actual person.

Although, as you may have guessed by now, the Moroccanoil Curl Defining Cream is the star of this show, the other products she uses really help to nourish and hydrate, which is essential as most frizz is caused by dry or fly-away hair. One of these (which I also use on a daily basis), is the Aussie Luscious Long, leave in conditioner. You just need a couple of spritz's of this to lock in moisture for the day and help hair stay tangle free. Plus, it smells like a dream come true.

Aussie Luscious Long, Leave in Conditioner
The last of the frizz fighting products, is the Tresemme Split Remedy spray. Jess says that she just sprays this a few times on damp hair, after every wash, and along with the other products, it really helps to maintain moisture and diminish frizz. This claims to help mend split ends, and anyone who has had split ends (so pretty much the entire universe), know that they really make your hair appear more dry and 'bushy'. So for curly hair, its extra important to maintain split ends, and Jess really recommends this for really just getting on and doing its job like a trooper.

Tresemme Split Remedy

The one tool that helps caress Jessica's curls into frizzless waves of sunshine, is the almighty Tangle Teezer. This creation by Shaun P allows you to brush through your hair, with minimal pull and break. It detangles even the knottiest hair effortlessly, and in style. It is a multi award winning innovation, and rightly so; it can be used on all hair types to greatly improve hair quality, whilst brushing through any naughty tangles, painlessly.

Tangle Teezer

So there you have it, the true story of frizz to fabulous all through products and tools. I highly recommend the Curl Defining Cream by Moroccanoil, if nothing else. This actually shows results from wash to wash, and makes curly hair, a dream come true. She (hopefully) won't mind me saying that her hair has definitely not always been this way, sometimes she took the saying 'mane' to a whole new level... lion style. But now it's so so fabulous, I would love to have a hair swap, *Sigh*.

Waves of Glory

Beachy Brilliance

Let me know your haircare secrets, or favourite products, I can't wait to hear from you :)

Love Lauren xx


  1. Your hair looks so nice! I currently use the macadamia oil and mask which is amazing and leaves your hair in such good condition! Not even lying ha But I have been wanting to try out the Moroccan oil for a while :)

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    1. Hey lovely, it's actually my sister's hair (I WISH I was that lucky haha..), ooh that sounds awesome. I'm definitely going to have to try that, thanks :)

      I definitely recommend the Moroccanoil range, you really notice a long term difference when you're using it :)

      Feel free to follow if you'd like updates :) - just checked out your blog... I'm in love! Gorgeous!!

      Lauren xx

  2. Beautiful hair, wish mine was like that but its so straight! x


    1. Mine too! It's unfair, she has the most gorgeous natural hair! xx

  3. Gorgeous hair! xx


    1. I know she's so lucky! I love your blog Jade, I can't believe I haven't found it before now

      Lauren xx

  4. I use the Moroccan curl cream it really is a lovely product. My hair is naturally super curly but yes I do straighten it alot, time to embrace the curls x


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