Tuesday, July 7, 2015

BRUZZ - Nail Brush Review

Bruzz - 'The Most Hygienic Nailbrush in the World' *

Bruzz is an amazing nail brush design, which cleans the top, underside and tip of the nail...all in one action. It is perfect for totally cleaning all of the hard to reach spots on super long talons, (natural and acrylic alike), and it totally pain-free and enjoyable to use. It's even vanilla scented.... what more can you ask for?

Typically, nail brushes can be harsh and abrasive on the fingers and nails, and can sometimes even be unpleasant or painful to use, when you're going to town with the scrubbing action. Buzz, however, is extremely gentle on the whole area, allowing you to deep clean, without causing damage to your poor digits.

The bristles are super hygienic because they are anti-bacterial and removable, so you can clean them easily and safely with minimum effort. They also reduce water spray when using the product, so you can give your nails a thorough clean, without spraying the entire bathroom in your nail spray....

You can pick up a Bruzz brush from Boots for a cool £9.99. Try it out as part of your hand washing routine, for the cleanest nails and fingers ever...

Lots of Love,

Lauren xx

*collaborative sample

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