Monday, March 17, 2014

Benefit Benetint


In the 70's a product created by Jean and Jane Ford was to be the beginning of a brand synonymous with luxury, fun beauty worldwide today. This product was called 'Rose Tint', now known as Benetint. Said to be originally created to tint the nipples of an exotic dancer, this rose flush was both practical and beautiful, and today remains a true makeup bag staple.

A little goes a long way with this lip and cheek (or nipple, if you fancy…), stain, you literally need to place a couple of drops on the desired area and then blend in for a long-lasting rosy glow, or luscious lips (or nips). I will stop with the nipples now. Use alone or under lipstick to give you a long-lasting finish. Flushed, fabulous and ready to go, this is a true bene-gal godsend.

At £23.50 from here, pick one up for yourself if you haven't yet tried one of the staples of modern yet timeless makeup.

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