Tuesday, October 9, 2012

How to - Leopard Pastel Nails

I know autumn (or 'fall' if you're of an American persuasion), is upon us, but amongst the oxblood, ochres and burnt orange palette - pastel fun can still be injected. Imagine an all black outfit, sleek, stylish and with these nails - perfection.

Chose any five of your favourite pastel nail polishes and apply one to each nail, ideally the same on both hands- but hey mix it up if you fancy...yolo afterall.

Then using a white nail art pen, dot randomly once the base coat is dry. Once this is dry, carefully using a black nail art pen, trace around each white dot, not the full circle, just about half or just over. Not only does this scream leopard but it gives a bit of an extra dimension to the pattern.

Once this is all dry - apply a clear topcoat to protect and you're Grrrr-eat. ( I know tony was a tiger but you get my drift!)

Love Lauren xx

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