Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Benefit BROWzings Review

Benefit BROWzings
Two words define the eyebrow world at the moment (actually the whole world but still..), Cara. Delevingne. This bushy browed modelling sensation has taken the world by storm, one eyebrow at a time, and hence has begun a huge leap towards the au natural brow. Think big, strong and framing. Leave the pencil thin look where it belongs, on a bit of paper. 2013 is all about the power-brow ladies, and BROWzings is your pocket-sized master-at-arms.

You are provided with a gel, a powder, two application brushes and a very dinky and adorable set of tweezers. It comes in three colours; light, medium and dark and I chose light, despite having reasonably dark brows, so I suggest seeing the kits in person before making a purchase. You simply pop on the gel, then the powder and (minimally if you want a bushy look), tweeze any strays from the centre or lower parts of the brows, and you are good to go.



As you can see, I have grown my brows out quite a lot anyway (rapid lash/brow is truly a godsend), but you can see the depth and precision this kit brings to my eyebrows. It shapes, fills in any sparse areas, and thanks to the gel/powder combo... stays put all day, so there is no need to 're-brow' throughout the day.

Thank you Cara, and thank you Benefit, it's BROWmazingly good!


  1. I've been looking for a good brow filler for a while now, might just have to get this!x


  2. wow, it looks like it works really well. I think I might need to pick this up!

  3. This looks great! i have been looking for a good brow powder for ages.

    jess xx