Friday, May 3, 2013

Tweezerman Mini Essentials Kit

Mini Kit

This mini nail-care kit by Tweezerman is the perfect travel (or indeed home) companion to keep your fingers looking fantastic. It contains a specially desgined cuticle snipper, a dual ended nail cleaner/ cuticle pusher and nail file, which is both hardy and delicate on the nails. All for £22! Available as ASOS now - link. (But hurry, it's low stock!!)

One end cleans out nails, the other gently pushes back cuticles

Sapphire File - Gently yet effectively files nails

Cuticle Snipper

The highlight of the kit for me, (although each item is really fab), is definitely the specially designed cuticle snipper. It's especially shaped so you can easily snip away hangnails, and excess skin around the nail, to give a tidy look, and stop painful hangnail incidents.

It's like a professional manicure in your pocket. Plus, it's SO cute.

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