Monday, May 6, 2013

Bronze Goddess Perfume 2013

The sun is out, and it can only mean one thing - Bronze Goddess. This succulent, summery sensation is a mouthwatering mix of all the hot summer smells that take you bang onto a beach, with the coconutty air whipping gently over your body, and the taste of a fabulous cocktail on your lips, its the best summer feeling - bottled.

And bottled how. 2013's look is a sexy solid gold offering, which visually encapsulates the sexy scent.

Its fresh like grapefruit, tangy like blood orange and sensuous like coconut and sandalwood. It's really the best thing to wear if you're feeling summery, I am really tempted to buy another bottle and the body oil - it's literally THAT good. It's £45 for 100ml, which is actually not too expensive at all, and you can get it from most good Estee Lauder counters and Boots. 


  1. Sounds great! x

  2. Love the packaging!
    .Georgina Clare.