Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Percy & Reed Totally Intensive Treatment Oil

Percy & Reed Totally Intensive Treatment Oil

Oils seem to be everywhere at the moment; face, body and especially hair… so I was seriously excited to try out this 'totally' intensive treatment oil by Percy & Reed. At 50ml, it isn't the biggest bottle in the world, but it does come with a removable pump or lid to control the amount you use. And you really do not need a lot.

I whacked this on this morning post-shower in place of my normal hair oil (Morroccanoil of course…), and I was first pleasantly surprised by the gorgeous scent. You can't really smell it when you lift the bottle to your nose (i'm a sniffer, hands up), but once on your tresses it unleashes the most heavenly of aromas *sniffs hair wistfully *. And now my hair has dried I can really clarify that this totally intensive oil, well, totally works.

My hair is soft, smooth and tangle free. Normally if I don't use my beloved Morroccanoil, I end up with something between a haystack and a 'sleeping on wet hair' kind of a result. But no, not with this. Intriguing. I will carry on using this as a part of my daily hair routine for sure… it's been love at first application. Winner.

If you fancy slicking up yo' locks with a spot of oil action, you can pick your very own totally awesome totally intensive treatment from here for £24.

I am thinking of doing some kinda oily feature soon, soon watch this space and prepare to get all slicked up for summer…

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