Thursday, May 29, 2014

Model's Own Polish for Tan in Bikini


On the Nail [1 coat, 2 coats]

This is one of the new Model's Own Polish for Tan collection…which are designed, you guessed it, to enhance a tan. No mysteries there…

Now this is NEON, I'm talking the brightest shade of bright you can imagine. The kind of polish that gets you peering at you hands more than is probably healthy. But they just look so gosh darn Summery. As well as the colour, the longevity is fab, two coats will last forever with normal everyday kinda activity.

This also dries to a lovely matte finish and looks fabulous on fingers, but will probs look equally as stunning as a cheeky pedicure. But seriously, a tan is kind of a must with these shades, they really do only work to offset darker skin… they won't be kind to every skin tone, so maybe have a look before you buy!

Ive also tried out 'Flip Flop' in this polish family, which is a bright neon green. You can check this out here, if you want to buy them yourself, you can grab one for £5 from here!

Lots of Love,

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  1. I have never been brave enough to wear yellow nail polish, but I am so drawn to this. Potential summer purchase. I really enjoyed your Summer Edit video. Thanks for putting that together, really helpful selection of products.