Thursday, January 8, 2015

New Year, New Skin - Sarah Chapman SKINESIS Overnight Facial

Sarah Chapman SKINESIS Overnight Facial

I don't want to throw the phrase 'wonder product' around too loosely. But this has serious cause for a great big f-ton of praise and is quite possibly one of the best products I have ever had the pleasure of introducing to my skin.

Post party season I was in serious need of some skin rejuvenation. As in Total. Mess. Too heavy on the Brie and Port...(and Wine, and Gin and...well you get the idea), and I was breaking out, not to mention dehydrated. My face looked like a map of how-not-to have great skin, so I was banking on this heavily praised product to give me some kind of a lift.

I swear after one use I was absolutely hooked. I woke up looking infinitely more fresh and awake than I had in days, not to mention avec plump, dewy skin that I hadn't had in weeks. Living up to the hype much...

Anyway, the jist is this is a total go-er and I highly recommend this for a pick-me-up and valid addition to your nightly routine. You can grab one from SpaceNK for a cool £46, I will also be reviewing the day facial, so watch this space!

Lots of Love and Happy New Year!!

Lauren xx