Thursday, January 15, 2015

Cara Who?... D.I.Y HD Brows


I have had my brows professionally HD styled before, and the results were amazing. I love a full, bold brow and it achieved the perfect balance of shape and style. At £45 a time though, I decided to invest in a mini 'DIY HD Brow' kit, (comprising of some really sharp, good quality tweezers, eyebrow dye and a 10x zoom light-up mirror), just to see if I could achieve similar results at home myself.

The Tool Kit

Inside the Eyelure Brow Dye Kit

Of course when you get it done in a salon, they will not only tweeze stray hairs, and amp up the colour with a dye - but thread and wax too. I definitely didn't want to look like I had been caught in a fight with a candle, so I just went with the tweezing to be on the safe side (the quality of tweezers is so so important). I think you can achieve a pretty similar look using just that!

With the Eyelure Dye

I applied the dye (above), before I took to the tweezers, so I could really see what there was to pluck and shape more efficiently. As you can probably tell, I allowed my brows to reach cave man status by leaving them for around a week to grow to their own sexy bush-esque peak. The more there is, the more you can do!

Finished Look

From the Side - Finished Look

Above is the finished result. I am super happy with the way I achieved this HD brow look, it has some much more definition and shape, a good brow is essential for making your eyes pop too. If you want to DIY, but are scared that you may go too far, or don't know your shape, you can visit a salon and just get them to do it once, so you always have a template for what suits you. You can then carry that on with your own brow beautifying kit, and save on a trip to the salon, not to mention serious dollar. You better watch it Miss. Delevingne... 

If you want any more how-to posts, just pop a comment in the box and ill be happy to give them a go!

Happy Plucking, 

Lauren xx

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