Monday, March 3, 2014

MINI POST| Mani Monday

This is just a quick post, because I fell in love with some press on nails I bought for a night out this weekend. I've never tried a press on nail before and I was seriously doubtful about the longevity, so I put a tiny bit of nail glue on each nail too. (Totally uneccessary).

They lasted ALL night, and I was dancing and I mean dancing. I just simply removed them the next day with a bit of polish remover and my nails are still super healthy and there's no gross glue residue hanging around on my nail beds. Win.

This specific design is by Elegant Touch and incredibly they are designed to be a 7 day mani, which I can believe, despite the easiness of application. 

I truly recommend giving these press on types a go, perfect nails in literally a second, and with no downsides of cheap falsies. Now that's what a call a Mani Monday!

Have a wonderful week, 

Lots of love,

Lauren xx

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