Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Baby Lips: Part Two

Peach Kiss, Intense Care, Cherry Pie and Mint Fresh Baby Lips

This is the second part of my Baby Lips infatuation. You can see my first post here, reviewing the Blue Intense Care and the gorgeous Pink Punch. I loved them so, so much... I couldn't resist finishing my collection with Peach Kiss, Yellow Intense Care, Cherry Pie and Mint Fresh.

Peach Kiss; as it may sound... is a lovely Peach scented balm, with a subtle peachy colour when applied to the lips.

Peach Kiss

On the Lips.

The Yellow Intense Care balm, is very similar to the Blue Intense Care, bar the packaging. I don't think you can have too many super hydrating, SPF 20 miracle working balms making an appearance in your handbags, so the more the merrier when it comes to these care oozing lip BFFs.

Intense Care

On the Lips

Mint Fresh, is a... well it's a super minty fresh lip balm. Not forgetting that all of these balms not only, feel/smell/look amazing, but they all really hydrate your pout, which is so important as the chilly months start creeping up on us. Heating and harsh winds, a sexy pout do not make. Enter - the Baby Lips.

Mint Fresh

On the Lips

Last, but most definitely not least is the irresistible Cherry Pie. It looks as tasty as it sounds, and gives you a gorgeous subtle red hue to boot. Amazing. Perfect for a sexy, seasonal day lip, whilst maintaing a soft and gorgeous pout for the all important Mistletoe in a few months time. Well, it's never to early to be prepared...

Cherry Pie

On the Lips

As you can probably tell from my constant raving, I love these balms. The packaging, the colours and most importantly the product itself. It works and looks fabulous, what more could you want?

Kisses and Love,

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