Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Summer Beauty Haul (1)

I just thought I'd share my latest buys in prep for summer '12. The weather here in England has left a LOT to be desired lately. (Unless what is desired is constant rain amidst bleak skies)..BUT that hasn't stopped me being optimistic for the impending summer season!

I bought some tanning faves (in the form of no other than St.Tropez - (in its instant dark, face dark and gradual dark). Hey, its better to fake it anyway right? Tan minus the wrinkles...yes please!! On a similar note I couldn't resist the 'You Rebel' tinted moisturiser by Benefit. I have used Estée Lauder for billions of years which is amazing- but I thought I'd give this a go. I am NOT dissapointed. Perfect colour, finish...everything!

I also bought a couple of lip care products. An amazing dual sided balm by Jemma Kidd Make Up School, one side of which is a buffer, the other a highly nourishing balm. It's like inventing the lightbulb all over again. So hot. Also, I invested in Prime Venom. Now this bad boy is perfect if you want to plump up your lips without the gloss factor. It enhances your lips and fills them out perfectly for lipstick. Angelina who?

Back to Benefit. Now it might seem like rather a hefty amount I scooped up from this brand, but it's honestly one of my all time favourites (and not just because the packaging is cute as). I grabbed a classic benetint, a failsafe for perking up your lips and cheeks for a rosy 'oh I've just been on a run but I still look beaut' effect. As well as this, a cha cha tint, benetint's sexy Latina cousin, who gives you an oh-so-summery coral glow. Hello St. Barts in a bottle!

I also grabbed a Hoola, a Tan About Town kit, a Powder Wowza and a 'they're real' mascara. Hoola is literally my favourite bronzer ever, I can't even explain - just buy it. Hence the two kits I bought, as well as containing fab other Benefit minis, they provide a handbag size Hoola, which wont crumble into oblivion the minute you put in your bag, as the full size may do. They're real mascara. Wow. Just wow. It literally gives you the best false eyelash coverage, whilst remaining sultry and natural. It's not the UK's best seller for nothing!

If you have used Urban Decay eyeshadow before you'll understand the greatness of the Naked palette. Filled with a treasure chest of tempting pigments, it's enough to make a magpie out of you! So when the Naked 2 palette came out this year (even though they are essentially the same)... I couldn't resist! Please try these eyeshades, there is one for every look, skin tone, eye colour etc! You can't go wrong!

I also indulged in a couple of new brushes - for an artist is as only as good as her weakest tool. (Or something). I got Jemma Kidd 09 foundation brush. It has a flat edge and can be used for powder or liquid. When brushed in circles it gives a pristine, line-less finish. Time to bin photoshop. As well as this, I decide it was time to prepare for the vast amount of bronzer I would be using in the coming months and purchased the Body Shop face and body brush, which is just fantastic! It glides bronzer onto your face, neck and collar bones for a sultry, even finish!

Onto hair. Moroccan Oil. If you haven't used this yet, USE IT. It tames frizz, promotes growth and generally pimps the hell out of your hair. A life essential! I also got Catwalk - Your Highness, which pumps up the volume from your roots and GHD curl spray, which is the ultimate in long lasting glossy curls when using a GHD styler! Amaze.

Finally I just had to add this because it's unbelievably cute - the Cath Kidston pocket mirrors. In an array of different designs they look cute enough to kiss and fit perfectly in your bag. Another excuse to touch up on the go! Mwah.

Give me some summer love and let me knowing what you're buying!

Love Lauren xx

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