Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Skin Care Saviours!

There is nothing like feeling great in your own skin. Literally. Knowing you're face is practically beaming with health gives you a fantastic boost - no matter how much makeup you're wearing!

Of course a lot of skin care starts from within. What you eat, how tired you are and things like excess alcohol or caffiene can spell a bad face day, but there are many fail safe products out there which will take you from blah to brilliant in no time.

The first brand I LOVE, which has been shouted all over the blogosphere rooftops is Liz Earle. If nothing else, buy her hot cloth cleanser and some muslin cloths. Fantastic results in next to no time. I use this alongside her skin tonic and skin repair light moisturiser, as I am prone to oily/combo skin - and my skin has never looked better! I promise you will not regret it!

Next is the Body Shop. An old favourite, they have skin collections to suit all. My faves are the tea tree collection if my skin is misbehaving on the spot front and the vitamin e brand for winter or when it needs a little more love! The vitamin e lipbalm has been a staple of mine for years - kissable lips in a minute. Fab.

Benefit also do a great new line of skin care products and yes - they do live up to the makeup side of things! What I highly recommend is buying the sample size kit for £10. It gives you 6 mini products, and will give you the opportunity to find out how much you love it without committing to full size. Perf!!

I hope you liked this mini skincare review, let me know your favourite products and tips!

Love Lauren xxx

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