Monday, April 2, 2012

Easy Easter Nails

I really fancied doing something colourful today, and as Easter is coming up I thought themed nails?...yes please! 

I started off as I always do, with a undercoat, just to protect the nails and make the colour last a bit longer. I use Sally Hansen in any form, all her coats of any description are good and do what they say on the tin, so I just popped a quick coat of this on before starting.
I picked out a few ‘Eastery” colours from my nail collection and just basically went about painting each nail in a different colour, it’s entirely up to you what you do - just go with how you feel. Something that always looks really hot, is a different colour on the ring finger of each hand - a great alternative to a full on rainbow. I chose to multi-colour up here, mainly for the purpose of this post... and because I think it looks pretty beaut.
Once I painted all my nails in a different colour and they were dry, I just painted a cute Easterish motif on random nails. I did this with the aid of Models own and WAH nail art pens in black and white, and...cocktail sticks. I used the latter by just dipping it into my colour of choice, (for example my yellow for a little chick), and then carefully used it like a mini paintbrush to create my design. It does take a steady hand, but I always think imperfections look cute and handmade...wobbly lines beat artificially perfect any day with kitsch ideas like this!
Once they were TOTALLY dry, I used a topcoat to protect...and then away I went. Easy Easter nails in the bag. Boom.
Let me know if you have any hot nail art design ideas?!
Love, Lauren xx

My Tools

From left to right; H&M in Going Bananas, Models Own in Baby Blues, Models own and WAH in black and white, Revlon in Lilac Pastelle, Sally Hansen in Miracle Growth, Revlon in Charming, Revlon in Minted and Topshop in Peaches and Cream

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