Thursday, April 19, 2012

Dalmatian Nails - Woof!

I saw a nail wrap for Dalmatian print nails and I thought it looked fantastic, but probably so easy to do by hand so I just decided to give it a go!

I began with an undercoat, (Sally Hansen as mentioned in my easy Easter nails post), waited for it to dry and then thickly coated each nail with BarryM nail paint in white.

After carefully waiting for that to dry, (I found I didn't need a second coat - this polish is fantastic value for money), I got out my old faithful models own and WAH! pen in black, and just dotted Dalmatian-esque dots all over the place, the more random the better! If you're too precise with this it can easily become polka dots, but I was looking for something more...doggy style!

I then did a coat of clear varnish on top, once dry, to simply protect the design, and away I went. Such beautiful paws for thought...

Love Lauren xx

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