Saturday, May 2, 2015

Proto-col Collagen Face Mask

Proto-col Collagen Facemask

If you don't believe in miracles then I triple dare you to try this revolutionary Collagen Facemask by Proto-col. I used it for the first time recently and I was blown away by the remarkable and instant results. It's like the Fountain of Youth in a Silver tub!

Packed full of super powerful ingredients; such as extract of algae which really helps to smooth and fill in lines and wrinkles and coral seaweed (which is a powerful hydrator), your skin really does look plump and soft, making this mask truly, truly amazing.

If the hydration and smoothing wasn't enough, it actually helps to encourage skin cell regeneration and increase elasticity of the skin via Neroli oil and Magnesium, so you are practically turning back the clock in realtime. And the best bit?... You only need the smallest amount to make a huge difference and it works from the first use, so it is amazing value for money too!

The 100ml Pot and Spatular

I have legitimately tried a lot of face masks in my time, some of them absolutely excellent and I thought nothing could beat them... until I tried this. I woke up the night after I first used it and actually said 'woah' out loud when I saw the incredible difference it had made to the appearance of my skin. 

This is now my firm go-to for a youth boost and moisture refresher, it is so perfect for a pre-Summer glow, but again it's going to be equally as great in the harsh winds of Winter. It is faultless in every way, and I highly highly recommend giving it a go. To try this miracle mask for yourself you can grab one from here, or email this address for a great price and advice on this product and many more amazing items from the Proto-col range (aka my new discovery/obsession)!!


Lots of Love,

Lauren xx

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