Friday, January 10, 2014

Murad Intensive Resurfacing Peel

This was the first ever resurfacing peel mask I had ever tried, so I was really intrigued... and lets be honest, mildly concerned. (It doesn't help that it advises using it for by substantially less time if your skin appears to be 'sensitive'). Ah. 

I popped it on to freshly cleansed, clean skin, and waited the full recommended 10 minutes. No drama, no burns, no skin catastrophe. You then simply wash off with warm water, et voila… perfect skin..?!

Well, yes. My skin happens to look super bright, tight and pretty damn magical now. It didn't hurt or sting, and my skin didn't peel off in chunks (I had visions of a chemical peel gone wrong), it just left me with a bit of a boost. A sort of 'Pimp yo' face' if you will.

The box contains 4 mini pots o'peel and you can pick one up from here, for around £40

I am very happy with this, the perfect pre-party pick me up for the face!

Lots of Love,

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