Saturday, September 21, 2013

Baby Lips

Maybelline Baby Lips in Hydrate and Pink Punch

Baby Lips were a huge deal when they crossed seas recently and landed on British soil, fresh from the USA. These nourishing lip balms add a pop of colour, care and altogether gorgeousness to your pout, and so worth the wait.

The two colours I decided to try, were the au natural 'Hydrate' which is clear, and pretty much scent free, but is super hydrating and with an SPF of 20, it's perfect for Autumn/Winter chill and Sun. The other, 'Pink Punch' is a super svelte pop of pink, which adds that coveted moisture and a super cute pink lip, which is a lovely balance between sheer and opaque.

Beautiful Blue for Hydrate


On the Lips

Pretty Pink Punch

Pop of Pink

On the Lips

I absolutely love, love...LOVE these! They definitely live up to the hype and I am going to buy the rest of the colours next week! Just an amazing way to love your lips this A/W,

Lots of Lip Love,