Monday, August 5, 2013

No7 CC Cream

No7 'Youthful' CC Cream

CC creams; the slightly more advanced sister of last years huge craze - BB creams, claim to pretty much do everything under the sun (as well as protecting you from it...).

This specific tube of Mary Poppins-esque wonder, is jam packed with moisturisers, UVA protection, SPF 15, a tint and a light to medium coverage. Wow. But what is it like?..

I LOVE this product. And I do mean love. It has all the charm of a fantastic tinted moisturiser, giving you that uber desirable naked-skin glow, whilst being subtle and sheer. It moisturises, without leaving skin sticky or greasy, and stays put all day without drying or 'caking' on the face. Literally perfect for those mornings when you want to wear no make-up (...but obviously you need to wear something).

On the Skin


In terms of variety, I couldn't see much, and obviously skin is one of the most personal and versatile things about each of us. The Boots I was in may have just had a limited display, but it is definitely worth looking around or online to find your best fit.

I highly recommend this product, for its wearability and longevity, in a fresh, subtle way. I adore the fact it has 5 stars for UVA and SPF if very important to me too. I like to think that even if I can't see the Sun, it doesn't mean it can't damage my skin. And you do generally only get one face..

Look out for £5 off No7 offers in store at Boots too, this is only around £12... but why not get it for less?!

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