Wednesday, March 20, 2013

LUSH Karma Bubble Bar, aka The Dream

Getting my bath on

I tried the LUSH Karma Bubble Bar for the first time tonight, and it is absolutely amazing. You simply hold under the hot running water and its crumbles into bountiful, bright bubbles, which smell amazing. It is such a relaxing treat, perfect to slap on a mask and bring out the candles, I couldn't leave for so long, I ended up looking like the world's largest prune. But so worth it...

This bubble bar is vegan, hand made and created with all natural ingredients, as is the theme with all of the products provided by LUSH. It contains gorgeous scented natural oils such as sweet orange and pine, and my skin still feels and smells amazing now, as well as being super soft.

And...if you are after a vast supply of bubbly goodness, then this is for you. Its like a beautiful hippie foam fight, quite literally lush.

What do you think of LUSH products? Have you tried any of the bubble bars? I'd love to test another, so let me know your faves!!