Monday, December 10, 2012

Vampy Christmas Nails

First point- if like me your nails are prone to breakage, use Sally Hansen's growth polish. It really works. They grow something like 30% extra in a few days and there is pretty much no breaking.

Next step - grow. It may take time but be patient, grow your nails as long as you dare (practical or not...). In the mean time, use your Sally Hansen and eat a lot of fruit and veg!

Once (finally), your nails are at the desired length, file them into points. Again the severity of your sharpness is down to personal taste, so don't be shy to go full on rihanna, or just a mild peak for everyday wear.

Paint your nails with your desired colour. I picked a vampy purple/red by Ciaté, as it's high gloss finish adds to the seasonal neo-goth feel about the finish. But be experimental, tis' the season to be jolly afterall.

Enjoy! They are a wonderful accessory, and if your take care of them, there's no reason they won't last as your pointy friends for a long time!!

Love, Lauren xx

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