Friday, March 30, 2012

Very Blonde to Dark Blonde

It started as it usually does - I opted to freshen up my naturally dark blonde hair with a couple of highlights for spring. 3 years (and multiple ‘full-heads’) later, I was entirely ash blonde.
If you’re naturally a lighter blonde, or have the time/money to maintain this look, then it can look super-chic, but if like me, you just couldn’t keep up (after a minimum of 2 weeks my roots would rear their ugly head), it can end up looking a

With really light highlights on darker hair, it isn’t even just the regrowth which can present a problem - the colour itself can turn coppery rather than silvery - a difficult colour to pull off with ANY skin tone. [WARNING- John Frieda Go Blonder spray does work, but the results can turn your hair far more coppery than you’d imagine - my hair dresser thought I was a natural red head from my roots...].

As I like to wear rather a lot of bronzer and tan all year round, to ‘maintain a healthy glow’, I got fed up of this whiteish blonde and decided to tone it down to something more complimentary of my skin tone. I initially opted for low- lights at the salon, and these were great...for about 3/4 weeks max. As with all (even permanent) hair dyes, the colour faded and I was pretty much back to square one. 

With this, I just decided to bite the bullet and home dye my hair. I hadn’t done this in YEARS, and needless to say I was pretty nervous, but comforted that the salon was only a phone-call away, I tried out Clairol nice n’ easy foaming dye, in dark blonde. I honestly couldn’t have expected better results. This product is amazing and does exactly what it claims to do; giving you a really mulit-tonal, warm colour, which easily looks as though it could’ve been achieved professionally. I have never looked back and I highly recommend it, (plus it’s around £7 a box which is a LOT cheaper than visiting the salon every few weeks)!

To freshen up this look, all I would suggest (and will shortly be doing myself), is just to pop to a salon and ask for a few (not even a 1/4 head of) highlights, just of the very front, framing hairs around the face. This will just lift the whole look, becoming summer fresh in an instant - without taking the highlighting too far!
Let me know any of your haircare tips or advice,
Love Lauren xx

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